What Does Your Best Look Like To You?

From the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

This agreement is pretty obvious and straightforward. I also recall it was something my dad would say to me when I was a kid. He always felt that if I did my best and gave it all I got, than I didn’t have anything to be concerned about. He felt it was important to focus on what was within my control and let go of everything beyond it. From his point of view, doing my best daily was a great way to get a good night’s sleep.

I recognize that my best can vary day to day and even moment to moment. When I was recovering from major abdominal surgery, my best was getting up in the morning, taking a shower and getting dressed. Since I had severe anemia, I did not have the energy for much else. I spent much of the day sleeping and resting. Today, my best looks very different from what it was back then!

If things don’t go my way, I can choose to let go of the need to judge myself and release expectations that things should somehow be different. Every moment provides an opportunity to make another choice. We forget that and don’t realize that our power of choice is an extraordinary tool. Use it!