Is Everything You Attract A Reflection Of You?

I’ve heard many times in the personal growth arena that our experiences are a reflection of our points of view about life. There’s many different ways people describe this. Some would call it the “law of attraction.” Others would describe it by saying we attract our vibrational match. When I was into metaphysics, they would teach that “like attracts like.” Nevertheless, I’m starting to re-consider and question this concept a bit. Questioning our beliefs is beneficial to do from time to time.

While I don’t deny there could be some truth to it, maybe it’s not evident all the time? For example, unconscious and cruel people are everywhere. If they cross my path, what if it has nothing do with me at all? What if I just happen to be in close proximity, available and they just chose to walk in my direction?

I recently read that there is a danger in personalizing everything to be a reflection of us. Because we run the risk of not holding people accountable for their abusive and crappy behavior. We personalize it by telling ourselves it was our life lesson to have that experience, we attracted it, it’s for our highest good, etc. Sometimes people may even judge us by saying we attracted that person to us for our own personal growth. I’ve been on the receiving end of that one before. Have you?

I don’t have any answers, only questions. I’m just pondering things on this lovely day. So, what are you aware of? What do you know? Only you can be the one to decide for yourself if this idea is true or not.